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(serves 10 people)
Caesar salad with croutons, parmesan, bacon, soft egg, caesar dressing $50
Mixed green salad with vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette $40

(serves 10 people)

Pimento cheese mac and cheese $50
Sheppard's pie with carrots and peas, potato top $50
Meatballs with marinara and pasta $70
Chicken casserole with garden peas, egg noodles and mushroom sauce $80

(serves 10 people)

Pimento cheese, melba toast $16
Baba Ganoush (roasted eggplant and spices), flatbread $19
Blue cheese and walnut spread, flatbread $20
Hummus, flatbread $15
Chicken liver pate, melba toast $27
Spinach artichoke dip, melba toast $18
Blue cheese and chive dip, melba toast $15

(serves 10 people)

Crudities selection, hummus and ranch $25
Cheese — selection of European and domestic, accompanied with fresh and dried fruits, nuts, spreads, flatbread and melba toast $75
Fiery shrimp cocktail, lettuce cups $40
Poached shrimp, cocktail sauce, remoulade and lemon $65
Smoked salmon, dill creme fraiche, lemon, flatbread and melba toast $70
Poached salmon filet, lemon herb sauce, red onion, capers, flatbread and melba toast $65
Meats — pate, sliced ham, prosciutto and salami, accompanied with mustards, pickles, chutney, flatbread and melba toast $60
Roasted beef tenderloin, baguette, mustards, horseradish creme $110
Fruit — selection and seasonal sliced fruit and berries, yogurt honey sauce $30

(serves 10 people)

Chef's selection of cookies $20
Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting $30
Chocolate brownies $25
House made ice cream pint $12

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